What We Do

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Snow Furnace is a boutique consultancy and production company.

Our work centres around Product Market Fit – how to get it, how to maximise it, how to monetise it.

Without a market, there is no product.

Snow Furnace engages from CEO level down with clients from varying industries who all want the same thing – more of what works.

We are versatile, passionate, discreet and incredibly competent.

We solve problems, we make things better, we get you more of what you need.

All communication is content. Content is the layer between you and your customers.

We create that content but first we ensure that everything else is in place and how it should be.

Currently, we are creating VR/AR content that heals for Dare, helping Dublin BIC run their FutureScope conference, assisting Focal Media increase their massive content foothold and are producing a radio show in partnership with RTE, Ireland’s national broadcaster.

That’s what’s occupying us in January 2017.

What’s next? Get in touch to find out if you’ll be part of it.

See our work here

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