7 Steps

7 Steps to content marketing 1

How Snow Furnace figures out your content marketing strategy in 7 steps

1. We always start by asking what you’re trying to achieve and work back from there.

2. Then we get you to answer three key questions about your expertise, what your customers want and where they overlap.

3. Next, we talk to your relevant team members to assess what skills and support there is for a content marketing based sales strategy.

4. We then figure out what content we can create in-house.

5. We evaluate who has the potential to create content right away and who could start creating content with some help, encouragement and coaxing. As part of this we also test what level of technical skills you have available in-house.

6. At the same time we are also studying your current sales process and that of your competitors. We look at everything from SEO to product market fit to perception.

7. We get ‘Secret Shoppers’ to come on your customer journey and observe where they get stuck in the process and what feedback can provide.


Then and only then do we put together a complete content marketing solution for you which covers:

What type of original content to create and how often

How to create it

How to distribute the content – where and when

How to measure success

The technology to bring it all together