Content Marketing Intro

content management intro

If you had a choice which would you rather?

a) Sell to someone who wants your product

b) Interrupt someone who doesn’t

The choice seems simple but most marketing techniques don’t give you a choice.

That’s one of the greatest things about content marketing.

Your sales message only goes to those who want it.

It’s a simple yet ingenious technique which was perfected in the software world but has now spread as to a service to all industries (SaaS)

The customer lets you know what stage of their purchasing decision process they are at through their actions!

There are three main types of content – each mapped to a stage of your sales funnel.




At each subsequent stage of the customer journey a percentage of your prospects moves closer to becoming qualified leads.

Once you have the content and the calls to action right you’ll be able to monitor customers on an individual basis and as segments.

Snow Furnace constructs and optimises your sales process to maximise sales.

It’s built on constant optimisation




Follow along the steps in our process to see how Content Marketing can benefit you:

3 Questions

7 Steps