Connor Keppel

Phorest Salon Software’s Head Of Marketing shares his Top 10 content marketing lessons.

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One of the things when it comes to companies and content is don’t ask yourself, “Should I be doing content?” A really good place to start is to look at some of your favorite companies that are doing content and ask, “Why are they doing content?” Okay? So, you take for instance, you might look at this and go maybe, “Should I be doing content marketing?” Read more

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When you look at some blogs they’re promoting a product, they’re talking about recruitment, they’re talking about marketing and they’re talking about X, Y, and Z. Okay. Content isn’t a channel just for you to talk it has to be focused on something. So what’s that differentiation?Read more

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Two really important things when it comes to content are patience and passion. You have to have a passion for what you’re writing and although you can measure things with analytics and you can check out how many readers and viewers you have, you have to be passionate about what you’re writing about. You can see that in the content. Read more

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Marketing is a funny thing. Sometimes we all put passion into it and we all love what we do and it’s a part of us, it’s a part of our heart because we’ve poured so much time into it. When your blog becomes more successful in the company everybody has great ideas about what they want to write about.Read more

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Hiring a journalist? Totally overrated! Great content and great writers are not necessarily the same thing. When you get a great writer or a great journalist they’re used to news coming in and writing it in a short concise and punchy way. Sometimes being a great writer and having a blank canvas and understanding how you’re going to take nothing and come up with an idea that’s going to motivate people to want to buy your product is not necessarily a journalistic quality. Read more

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 #lessonslearned 6/10 


When I say pay for itself, maybe that’s not a monetary return. But maybe it’s the person who’s at the interview table who said “Wow, I read that blog post and I really wanted to apply for the job.” You have to set yourself a goal.Read more

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Here’s the thing about writers and content people. We look at our content so much that we get bored of it ourselves sometimes. We make the assumptions that everybody else is like “Aah we’ve seen this before.” Social is so instant and people are so busy these days, you have to keep repurposing old content.Read more

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 #lessonslearned 8/10 


Advertising’s a channel. Social media’s a channel. Email marketing is a channel.  All of these things are just tools in order to complete an objective. Don’t lose sight of what’s most important. Don’t focus on measuring stuff.Read more

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 #lessonslearned 9/10 


People are there for take-aways. When is the last time you heard somebody say “I read this blog because I just think it’s so beautifully laid out”? Or “Wow, I have to pick up this newspaper because I just love the format”?Read more

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 #lessonslearned 10/10 


I see so many people who are getting content and the minute a social platform comes out, they’re the first on that platform and they’re using all these different videos and all these different channels that they’re using and the point is I’m not saying don’t be quick to use something. But always focus on what are the take-aways and how am  I delivering this? And what’s the actual quality? Read more

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Connor Keppel is a B2B marketing manager specialising in SaaS lead gen. He is currently Head of Marketing with Phorest Salon Software. Connor has consistently used innovative content marketing techniques that engage high-level audiences through digital channels. Connor can be reached via Linkedin or Twitter.

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